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Purpose; Not People

Exceptional; literally life-changing book, Purpose; Not People challenges your heart, spirit-man and perspective of destiny and God’s perfect plan for your life. A literature that allows you to respond to God’s way of seeing purpose, you are challenged in this book to remember God as the promise keeper!

Though God uses people to fulfill His purposes, our greatest pain also comes from people. This is because people are but a mean to the promise, but God is the promise-keeper. The “means” may change, but the promise remains the same. Your “people” are hidden in purpose – but your purpose isn’t hidden in people, only in God.

The danger of chasing opportunity over purpose is that you will worship the opportunity because you have yet to realize your own purpose! When people do not realize the power of what God has hidden in them, they chase what God has already revealed through others. 

In this book, you will learn what purpose is and how to fulfill it. The mystery of compassion; how God can outdo what people wouldn’t do; who your purpose clan is and who your purpose-killers are. Why those you grew up with aren’t your purpose people; why “nice does not equate to purpose” because the enemy can hide behind glamour and love, as the serpent came to Eve as a friend, and not as an enemy.

All the more, you will learn: the power of divine revelation and how it can keep you from connecting to and imparting into what God has already rejected; why you should never attempt to change people’s mind about you if they have yet to receive divine revelation concerning you; why “behavioral change” isn’t enough to consider them your purpose people; why you should trust God and love people, but not trust in people while only loving God. And more!


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