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What our authors get

We offer our authors and clients amazing packages that set the tone for the rest of their careers, by launching their project with an incredible excellence in the logistics of book publishing and promotion.

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Amongst what we offer are:

  1. Excellent and Professional Book Editing.
  2. Excellent and Professional Book Formatting.
  3. Copyright & ISBN.
  4. Professional Book Design.
  5. Professional Front Cover, Back Cover & Spine.
  6. Professionally Built Websites.
  7. Free Books as Part of Package.
  8. Lifetime Printing of Your Book.
  9. Receive ALL of Your Royalties.
  10. Promotional & Professional Graphics for Your Book.
  11. Amazon Uploads.
  12. E-Books.
  13. Publish Book in Language(s) of Your Choice.
  14. Social Media Promotion.
  15. Email Marketing Promotion.
  16. Church Library Promotion.
  17. TV Commercials.
  18. Radio Promotions.
  19. A Personal Consultant to Assist You & Answer Your Questions.
  20. And So Much More!
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Our packages

Our packages are designed for manuscripts of 40,000 words or less. Any manuscript with more than 40,000 words would require additional consultation. Our packages and kits include all of these important things to excellently publish your book.

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We believe it is important to earn all of your royalties according to your sales. Most self-publishing companies give you less than 10% of your royalties. For example, a book that costs $10 earns an author less than $1 per book sale. But at Genesis & Grace International Publishing House, we give you the entire royalty per book sale.

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    What is your target audience?

    Due to the excellency and professionalism of our service, if your application is accepted, your manuscript will be required as soon as possible, or as soon as it is ready. Your book will be published and promoted with excellence and your brand enhanced for all possible success.